Each One Reach One Mentoring Program

This program is designed to provide solutions to address high school dropout problems and incarceration percentages in our communities, knowing that many of these problems are caused by high rates of school absenteeism, low levels of school engagement, low self-esteem, work or family responsibilities, problematic or diviant behavior, and yourth attending school with low achievement scores.  The youth are required to attend two (2) hour sessions for a period of eight (8) weeks concluding sixteen (16) total hours of training.  Youth participants are required to attend each session with a parent/guardian.  Subjects pertaining to youth behavior and interaction with parents are discussed at each session.  Modeling, role reversals are used as techniques to resolve issues and have proven to be a very effective tool in scenarios presented for resolution.
Conflict Resolution Training Program

The program participants will receive a two (2) hour regimen of anger management and conflict resolution training to teach them how to cope with many of the issues youth have to deal with on a daily basis in the home and school as well.  The program participants will attend classroom training once a week for a period of six (6) weeks.  All classes and materials must be completed to receive a Certificate of Completion.  All classes will be held at the school's physical location listed in the website.  Out two (2) hour class will also be provided for youth participants and their parents/guardians for a period of eight (8) weeks.

Special Note:  Court mandated anger management is also provide by this organization and approved by the courts with a Certificate of Completion.