Inception of Alpha Recovery Life Systems (ARLS)

Carmen Becker, Joe Melucci and Dr. W.F. Taylor conceptualized the idea of helping veterans returning from the Iraqi Freedom, Bosnia, Kuwait and Afghanistan Wars.  Many of these veterans were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anger and Substance Abuse.  Large numbers of veterans have returned home from the Gulf Wars and have lost some of the basic resources they had prior to military deployment (service).  Such resources such as homes, cars, families, ets. were no longer available to them and they have had to begin over again to try to recover the resources they had lost.  Many of them have found themselves homeless and living on the streets in local communities where they once owned homes.  

ARLS developed programs that help veterans with their issues by providing classes for PTSD, Conflict Resoultion, Substance Abuse, Budgeting Financial Assets and On-the-job training programs to assist veterans in returning back to the life they deserve.

ARLS receives no federal, state, or local government funding.  ARLS has utilized the help of volunteers to provide some of the services provided for our veterans.  We have held fundraisers to help defray some of the cost to provide services.

ARLS has parnered with one of the local school districts that have provided training space for our organization to provide these necessary services to support our veterans.